If you are interested in planning and organizing meetings, events, workshops or conferences on cooperative topics with us or have corresponding suggestions, please contact us!

The Institute for Cooperative Studies is a partner for the organization and implementation of a wide variety of events. Its interdisciplinary character and central location in the heart of Berlin have proven their worth time and again. Since 1992, more than 60 events have been held for and with cooperative practitioners, including major events such as the 2nd Berlin Cooperative Symposium on Cooperatives in Health Care (2005, with the DGRV), the International Cooperative Science Conference IGT (1996, with the AGI), the 14th Annual Conference on Agricultural Cooperatives (2010, with the Genossenschaftsverband e.V.), etc.

A highlight was the organisation of the ICA – CCR European Research Conference 2019. On behalf of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA), the BICS hosted the international conference on cooperative research from 21 – 23 August 2019 at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Under the theme „Cooperatives and the Transformation of Business and Society“, 172 participants from 42 countries discussed the roles of cooperatives for transformation towards more sustainable businesses and societies and concluded that “Modern Cooperative Studies” would consist of a combination of the key elements of the Berlin conference: A historically informed assessment of the future roles of cooperative organizations, a better understanding of the role of cooperative leadership and the integration of alternative business models in modern concepts of cooperative organization.