New Study published: Community Co-operatives and Engagement-promoting Infrastructures

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A recent study by the Berlin Institute for Cooperative Studies at the HU Berlin examines how Community Cooperatives and institutions for the promotion of civic engagement (e.g., volunteer agencies, community foundations and municipal agents for civic engagement) work together.

The results show that Community cooperatives and engagement promotion institutions rarely work together so far. Only just one of five cooperatives stated that they had used consulting or other support services.

Stronger networking would make sense so that cooperatives could better benefit from the low-threshold offers of engagement promotion (“Ehrenamtscard”, project funding, qualification) and at the same time contribute their entrepreneurial expertise and networks into the local engagement infrastructure.

The study was funded by the DSEE (German Foundation for Engagement and Volunteering) and conducted together with innova eG, the IDZ (Institute for Democracy and Civil Society) in Jena and ZiviZ gGmbH.

DSEE-Study Community Coops (Short Version)

DSEE-Study Community Coops (Full Version)

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