CooPerformance: New Erasmus project aims to improve digital education on cooperatives in the agri-food value chain

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The three-year project (November 2019- April 2022), funded by the European Commission, aims to design and develop a European curricula for higher education focusing on cooperative business models in the agriculture sector necessary to educate students for further work as leaders, managers, staff, consultants, or members of co-operative enterprises in the agriculture sector. This encompasses a better use of open, digital multi-disciplinary learning and the promotion of excellence in teaching and skills development through training of academics from the participating project partners as well as exchange of good practices in new and innovative pedagogies of the related topics. Main outputs include:

  • a set of 14 case studies gathering best practices related to farmers/producers cooperatives in the involved countries (Romania, Spain and Germany), in different sectors, fruit and vegetables, dairy, livestock etc. and with different functions (marketing, credit, insurance, procurement, etc.);
  • videos capturing business models and management practices of cooperative enterprises;
  • teaching materials on agricultural economics, management, legal and institutional aspects and public policies.

Our project partners are the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest (Romania), the Solidarity Lab (Asociatia Laboratorul de Solidaritate) (Romania) and the University of Almeria (Spain).